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We have seen the most profound changes in the consumer, in the customer base, in the channel penetration, in our competitive actions. And as a result, it’s been probably the magnitude and the speed of those changes is bigger than any I have seen in my career
— Irene Rosenfeld, CEO Mondelez
You have to put new technology in stores. That’s just the reality.
— Cedric Clark, VP, Operations, Sam’s Club
The traditional store is not going away, but its role is changing, as it becomes a single part of a complex network of consumer options.
— Shakeel Farooque, VP and Head of Digital and E-commerce, Campbell Soup
The store is moving closer and closer to technology. You can’t be effective on the business side if you don’t understand technology.
— Srinivasan Rajamanickam, Senior Director, Technology, Strategy, and Innovation, Tapestry